Speedlight Setup Configurations

Speedlight Systems consist of the following hardware items in general
  • An iPAd
  • A Speedlink Device
  • A Wireless Range Extender Access oint
  • Peripherals
    • Speedlight Gates
    • SpeedStart
    • SpeedMat
    • SpeedReaders
This document aims to show you pictorially the different configurations possible.
Follow these steps to setup your system.
  1. Turn on D-Link
  2. Go to Settings/Wifi on your iPad
  3. Select SpeedLAN_X  SSID as your preferred Wifi. Note: you will not have access to internet , unless you have a sim-card from your ISP installed
  4. Turn on Speedlink. It will connect automatically to SpeedLAN_X
  5. Start your Speedlight App on the iPAD
  6. Go to ‘Setup and Connection’ page.
    1. If everything is connected, you will see the Preset test menu appear
    2. If there is an issue with connection you may see “No IP available” error message
      1. If this occurs check if you can see SpeedlinkNNNN (where NNNN is the serial number of your Speedlink) If you can see this, your Speedlink has not connected to the Dlink AP.
      2. Hold you finger on the red button until the RED led comes on solid, and release. This turns the device off
      3. Again Hold your finger on the red button until the RED led comes on solid, and release. this turns the device on. It may take 30 seconds before connection is complete
      4. Check that SpeedlinkNNNN is NOT VISIBLE
      5. Repeat step 6.
General Notes
  • The link between gates and Speedlink is not WIFI. Speedlight gates uses a Zigbee protocol
  • The Dlink provides a common access point for iPad and Speedlink using WIFI
  • It is worth noting that Zigbee has a great range than WIFI , as such always keep the iPad within 20m or so of the Dlink AP.
  • Ensure all antennas point up, and make sure you are using our latest hi-gain antennas fro optimal performance
  • DO NOT put the Speedlink on the ground. Make sure it is at least 40cm off the ground, with antenna pointing up
  • DO NOT put the speedlink any closer than 30cm to the Dlink
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