Your athletes deserve accurate speed and vertical jump testing.

Swift DNA wireless timing gates allow you to learn more about what makes your athletes fast.

Deliver the improvements you strive for.

Using the new SYNCRO app, and our new starting technology, Swift delivers the best  wireless timing gates available .

Swift DNA wireless laser timing gates bring a higher level of accuracy and ease of use.

We  deliver advanced information like depth of turn, time in turn, and proximity triggering in change of direction drills.

Learn more about your athlete.

Swift DUO or NEO timing gates and EZEJUMP vertical jump products, along with SWIFT LABS, is an unbeatable combination for monitoring athlete performance.

You deserve the best human movement performance measuring tools. Become a better coach with SWIFT.

Be better. Use Swift.

SWIFT DUO wireless timing gate

All new.  Better in every way.

Absolute accurate starts

Initial acceleration is one of the most important factors of on-field performance. Our new start measuring systems give a more accurate and complete picture of performance than ever. Included in all timing bundles by default.

SWIFT ZERO wireless start sensor

Accurate ground based starts

SWIFT MOVE First movement sensor
SWIFT MOVE First movement sensor

Measure from First Movement

SYNCRO athletic performance  iOS App

Our new app makes control and analysis easier and more powerful than ever.

Sync with your Swift Labs cloud account and get total control of your data. Get performance reports with ease.

More performance information with modern jump protocols

Sometimes the old standards like Yardstick do not provide the information you need. EZEJUMP will take you to another level for all your vertical jump testing. EZEJUMP is the tool of choice for professionals looking for more.


Cloud Sync’d. Advanced jump testing

SWIFT YARDSTICK vertical jump device

Simple mechanical jump testing

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