Swift SpeedLight Timing Gate Setup

Swift Performance has been designing sports monitoring systems and performance measurement products since 1994. We provide world class Sports timing, training and monitoring equipment to leading institutions and professional bodies world-wide.

From our state of the art dual beam wireless Speedlight Timing  system to the simplest vertical jump measuring device available, the Yardstick , Swift has the sports monitoring systems you need.

Swift SpeedLight Timing Gates iOS App

Designed for iPad & iPhone

The best sports timing system is also the easiest to use.  Our iPad SpeedLight app is the core of the SpeedLight system for all devices, and eliminates the need for a laptop out in the field.  When used on an iPhone the SpeedLight app allows fast and simple tests to be run with results recorded.

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No wires, at all

All of our devices are wireless, including the SpeedMat for jumps and SpeedReader for RFID tags, and all are controlled for the SpeedLight iPad app. You never need to worry about cables when testing  or training.

All day testing and training

SpeedLight has always had exceptional battery life, and now using iPad you can test all day without needing to recharge.  All of our devices and the iPad will last for 7 hours.

Join the growing team of Swift users and discover how to get the very best out of your athletes.  Trust Swift Performance Equipment as your supplier of choice for a wide range of performance measuring products.

Our new Facilities in Brisbane, Australia provide us with Full electronic design facilities to expand the already famous Swift line of sports monitoring systems.

Our factory is located only 25 minutes from Brisbane International Airport via the Gateway motorway, and 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD.