get start times with razor-sharp accuracy

For most field sports, acceleration is a key factor for performance. Getting an accurate start is the secret to getting repeatable results. ZEROtm brings you consistent and accurate results, even when the athletes aren’t familiar with athlete timing gates. 

Used for standing starts or three point starts, ZEROtm measures the start time when the hand or foot lifts.

A good athlete will do 5m in just under a second. The speed at that point will be about 5.5m/s.  Every 1/100th of a second means about 5cm (a couple of inches) at this speed. This may mean the difference of being tackled or not.

The same athlete would expect to have a velocity at 40m (or yards) of about 9m/s. So, at the 40m point every 1/100th of a second the athlete travels close to 0.1 of a metre, or around 4″.

A variation of 0.1 seconds for a 5m time can be the result of months of training.  So, to get accurate and consistent measurements of 5m times and 40m times, an accurate starting system is needed.

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