NEO wireless timing gates are a game changer

  • NEOtm  is a totally new design and sets the benchmark for all wireless timing gates.
  • MOVE brings ” first movement timing”. A world-first for any timing gate.
  • Fully integrated tripods to make setup fast.
  • No tape measure required for distance set-out.
  • Wireless charging – in the strong Pelican Style Carry case.
  • Dual beams for accuracy.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s here today, with Swift setting the standard again.

Timing systems come in all shapes and sizes, with price tags that vary just as much. For a minimum system with a start and a stop you can expect to pay anything from a few hundred t0 thousands of dollars.

At Swift we build a premium system, and it is the attention to usability, detail, accuracy and longevity that you are paying for.

NEO systems offer many features not available in other products at this price point. NEO prices depend on the number of sensors you need and will normally vary between US$5730 and US$11160.


First Movement™ starting brings unchallenged accuracy

Our new MOVE sensor, included in every NEO system, allows you to initiate starts on foot-lift, hand-lift or first movement. The choice is yours.

NEO™ brings you the most accurate and hassle-free testing and training experience ever.

  • Qi wireless charging to make things easier.
  • Brighter LED strobes and louder buzzer for better audio visual feedback.
  • Smarter alignment process.
  • Bluetooth firmware updates.
  • First Movement starting.
  • Setup gates without a tape measure*
  • Depth of turn measurement.
  • Gate proximity trigger.
  • Change of direction & decision drills.
  • Programmable gate actions.
  • Custom drill designer.
  • Pacing.
  • Athlete path estimation.
  • Real-time direction decision by coach.

* for linear tests up to 20m max in ideal conditions.

Introducing Turn-Depth Measurement

A new dimension in speed testing and training.

turn depth overhead
SYNCRO app Turn Depth

Doing Change Of Direction ‘COD’ drills? NEO has a proximity sensor that allows you to trigger an action on ANY gate when the athlete reaches a custom preset distance from the target gate.

Point the sensor to the rear, when an athlete is doing an out and return to measure depth of the turn.

Use both Ultrasonic sensor and dual beam sensors to measure the time the athlete spends in the turn.

NEO systems all have a MOVE sensor, for first movement starts. If you are doing Force Velocity Profile measurements, this is a must have.

Refined Practicality

Sometimes it’s the smaller details that make your life easier.  Our custom designed tripods are now permanently attached to NEO devices.  They also have a single lock-in leg position when in use, and when finished, fit neatly back in their carry case for wireless recharge. You never have to remove the tripod from the gate, and it’s the same with the reflectors.

Easy and useful, right?

Swift NEO Wireless timing gate with integrated tripods

Want to know more?

Swift Reliability

From the very first wired gates released 20 years ago, reliability has always been important for us, because it's important for you.  Duo continues that tradition.

All Day Battery

Battery life is better than ever, operating comfortably for 8 hours.

Used by the worlds best, Swift is the only option if you are serious about athlete testing and training

 Trusted By Sports Experts

Our commitment to specialise in high-quality and long-lasting timing systems to support the continuous development and performance testing of athletes is the core business focus of Swift Performance since 1994. Continuously delivering on our promises, sports specialists have trusted SpeedLight for years, reporting on the excellence of our products and services. Swift embraces brand history, technological excellence and accuracy-driven product development to support outstanding athletes with cutting-edge timing gates.

As a professional Strength and Conditioning coach, I need performance testing tools that give fast, reliable measurements every time I turn them on. Over the years I've tried them all, but Swift Performance and their products tick all the boxes for me. We get satisfaction, results, and unrivaled customer support from the team at Swift.

Nic Gill

Strength & conditioning coach, All Blacks

At ESPN Sport Science, technology that is accurate and reliable is a must. Swift Performance products are both. The user interface is intuitive and made creating and executing tests incredibly easy. We also loved that test results save directly to the app making data analysis that much easier.

Tim Dix

Segment producer, ESPN Sport Science