First movement detection is THE most accurate starting method available

Our new MOVE sensor not only has all the functions of our ZEROtm ground start sensor, but we have included an ultrasonic sensor. You can now detect the first movement of the athletes torso to generate a start signal.

We begin timing from the moment MOVEtm detects the athlete’s centre of mass has moved.

MOVEtm is the ultimate in starting technology.

Simple, precise and easy to use.

MOVEtm is placed on a tripod behind the athlete, where it watches for the first movement to ensure the most accurate starts.

Are you looking at Force Velocity Profile ? MOVEtm makes it possible.

If anything results in variance in timed results using electronic timing gates, it is variance in the start.

This is because your athlete’s velocity is very low in the start phase, and your athlete spends more time blocking the gate than they would at say 40m. More time in a gate increases the chance of an arbitrary result.

MOVEtm works on an entirely different principal to the laser beams used in a gate.

MOVEtm monitors the athletes position in space, detects movement and calculates the actual time of movement offset.



Used by the worlds best, Swift is the only option if you are serious about athlete testing and training

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