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You need to move beyond simple split times and basic vertical jump testing because your athletes deserve it.

Swift DNA wireless timing gates  allow you to learn more about what makes your athletes fast, so you can deliver the improvements you strive for.

Along with our latest SYNCRO app, and our new starting technology, Swift delivers the best system wireless timing gates available .

Swift DNA wireless laser timing gates brings a higher level of accuracy and ease of use.

We  deliver advanced information like depth of turn, time in turn, and proximity triggering in change of direction drills.

Learn more about your athlete.

With Swift DUO and NEO wireless timing gates and SWIFT LABS you can have the worlds best human movement performance measuring tools to help you become a better coach and your athletes faster.

Be better. Use Swift.

SWIFT NEO wireless timing gates

Turn-depth measurement has arrived.

SWIFT DUO wireless timing gate

All new.  Better in every way.

Learn more about the DUO Timing system

Reliable & accurate

  • Wifi connection directly to gates, no hubs, links or routers
  • Dual beam gates for higher accuracy
  • Laser Alignment pointer for fast setup
  • SYNCRO Drag and Drop test designer
  • Wireless charging
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Multi-lane testing
  • Swift reliability

all DUO Features +

  • Linear gate setup without a tape measure
  • Ultrasonic proximity triggers
  • Depth of turn measurement
  • Time in turn measurement
  • Advanced Swift Labs analytics ready
  • Start velocity profile
  • First Movement starts

A really accurate start

Initial acceleration is one of the most important factors of on-field performance. Our new start measuring systems give a more accurate and complete picture of performance than ever. Included in all timing bundles by default.

SWIFT ZERO wireless start sensor

Accurate ground based starts

SWIFT MOVE First movement sensor
SWIFT MOVE First movement sensor

Measure from First Movement

Beautiful, efficient, intuitive control

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