Swift SpeedStart Athlete Training Gates : Measure 0 to 5m times, accurately

For many field sports, acceleration is a key factor for performance. Swift SpeedStart allows you to consistently and accurately measure 0-5m times, even when the athletes aren’t familiar with athlete timing gates, allowing you to get accurate acceleration data.

Sport specific

Swift SpeedStart enables sport specific training: athletes can start laying down, side on or even with the ball in the beam.  Starting in a perfect position is great for 100m sprinters, but how often does that happen in a game? Swift SpeedStart athlete training gates give you the edge.

Ready, steady…

Using the SpeedLink for iPad app, a Swift SpeedStart can use a feature called SteadyStart.  SteadyStart requires that the athlete be in the beam of the Swift SpeedStart for 3 seconds before it will trigger, making sure that the athlete was in fact ready when the beam was triggered.