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Swift SpeedLight timing gates are designed  for your speed agility and reaction testing. Using advanced measurement and tracking technology, Swift SpeedLight transforms your behind-the-field training, helping you get closer to notching up the win. As one of the leading sports timing systems in the market since 1994, we understand the importance of speed agility and reaction training to an athlete’s performance. Swift SpeedLight was born with the aim to giving you the exact test results you need for athletic development and research.

Our policy of using first principles to determine the time of switching is undisputed for its reliability. Thousands of athletes have been tested using the proven Swift SpeedLight system in Australia and throughout the world.

Trusted By Experts since 1994

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Prepare To Win The Game With Timing Gates Technology Excellence

Overriding average performance, Swift SpeedLight takes reliability, accuracy and longevity of timing gates to the next level. Multi-zone testing using Swift SpeedLight timing system allows up to four different tests to be run simultaneously from only one device, gives your team the revolutionary edge in long-range speed agility and reaction testing.

 Cutting-edge Timing Technology For Extreme Reliability

In sports, every millisecond matters. Therefore, timing system accuracy in tracking and measurement is critical.

Swift SpeedLight takes advantage of dual-beam technology to eliminate false signal problems in sprint time measurement, ensuring a higher level of accuracy.

What’s more, our SpeedLight timing gates are also equipped with bright lights and loud buzzers on the timing lights to catch your athletes’ attention on the field.

Dual Beam Sports Timing Systems For Ultimate Accuracy Regardless Of Athlete Height

Even better, SpeedLight dual beam timing gates provide reliable and consistent data for athletes of varying heights without the need to adjust the devices.

While single beam gates with signal processing functions can also reduce the risk of false triggers, it has been found out that the data is only accurate if the athlete heights are constant. As such, you really should be adjusting those devices to suit every athlete’s height to get accurate data.

Swift SpeedLight gets rid of that burden for you. Its dual beam technology can effectively filter the variances in athletes heights to provide you with the most reliable and consistent results. You will have more time focusing on your data analysis and training strategy for athletes improvement.

 Timing system ready to perform anywhere, anytime, on any athlete

Reliability comes with the quality of build. We focus on creating field proven, long lasting products while being easy to set up and operate. Swift SpeedLight gates are equipped with fully extended tripods, providing stability on uneven ground and for withstanding unfavorable weather conditions such as large winds.

Each of our SpeedLights has a range of 400m (line of sight), meaning a larger testing area coverage for you. Equipped with a laser aligning beam, the device assists you with precise gate alignment and automatic start modes for fast athlete testing.

Additionally, the device’s battery is designed to support the full session of athletic performance tracking, allowing for up to 7 hours of continuous operation. Built-in battery monitoring system provides accurate predictions on battery and recharge status, allowing for pre-planned testing sessions. SpeedLight ensures long lasting battery life with easy automatic switch off options. Your Swift SpeedLight automatically saves battery life by responding to user inactivity and turning-off after 5 minutes.

Instant Access To Data Recorded By Swift SpeedLight Timing Gate

Taking advantage of the modern mobile platform and technology, Swift developed a friendly app allowing for a true drag and drop test designing with a simple intuitive interface. Download SpeedLight Systems app and become your own speed and agility test designer.

The SpeedLight in-pocket connectivity allows for immediate digital output of test results, even when running multi-zone tests on your iPad. The app holds all athlete details and results ready for export via several platforms, via simple CSV. Supported by easy and fast software updates, you never lose track of your athletes’ performance.

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Bundle Sports Timing Systems Options Tailored To Your Needs

Swift SpeedLight timing gate system can be used for a range of sport speed, agility and reaction tests. It can also be used together with our other products to suit your specific needs.

Swift SpeedLight – Timing Gates Trusted By Sports Experts

Our commitment to specialise in high-quality and long-lasting timing systems to support the continuous development and performance testing of athletes is the core business focus of Swift Performance since 1994. Continuously delivering on our promises, sports specialists have trusted SpeedLight for years, reporting on the excellence of our products and services. Swift embraces brand history, technological excellence and accuracy-driven product development to support outstanding athletes with cutting-edge timing gates.

As a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach, I need performance testing tools that give fast, reliable measurements every time I turn them on. Over the years I've tried them all, but Speedlight ticks all the boxes for me. We get satisfaction, results, and unrivaled customer support from the team at Swift!


At ESPN Sport Science, technology that is accurate and reliable is a must. The Swift Performance Gates are both. The User Interface is intuitive and made creating and executing tests incredibly easy. We also loved that test results save directly to the app, making data analysis that much easier.

Tim DixSegment Producer : ESPN Sport Science

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