Swift Performance exists to better improve the performance of athletes across all sports and levels. We empower teams to accomplish the unbelievable with high power technology and advanced analytics. Founded in 1994 with round-the-world services and systems. 

Founders Story

Swift Performance began as a research project at Southern Cross University, Australia in 1994. During this project, the first Speedlight Dual Beam Timing System was designed. In 1995, we were approached by the Australian Sports Commission to equip every institute and academy of sport in Australia with timing systems for their 2000 Olympic Talent ID Program. From this milestone, Swift became an independent organisation and has continued to deliver state of the art Timing Gate Systems, world-wide. 

The Swift journey continued and developed into a team of highly skilled and talented individuals. Each team member has a specialty area that allows us to stay ahead of the game with best performance measurement technologies and systems. 

It’s important at Swift Performance, to think outside of the box, so unique and tailored solutions are delivered to you. Our family of products and software services are tailored to you in order to create a seamless transition from test design to data collection and analysis.

Running Geometric Man
Running Geometric Man

Swift Culture

Team culture is extremely important to Swift, as an organisation. A strong and empowered team is what drives our innovative products and services. Our team align with our three core values:


No problem is unsolvable

The sports-tech industry frequently presents challenges to overcome. This is why our team adopts the value, ‘No problem is unsolvable’. Our clients mean the world to us, which is why we’re dedicated to solving any and all problems that they may face. 

Innovate and iterate

Innovation and iterations are extremely valuable when working in a fast-paced environment. Our team of experts work rapidly to create and distribute the latest technologies and services, so you can stay ahead of the game. 

Authenticity above all else

Authenticity and genuineness are ingrained into our culture at Swift. We genuinely care about our employees and our clients. With Swift, you can guarantee your best interests are always front and centre. 

The Swift team

Mark Fisher

Mark founded Swift Performance in 1994 while working at Southern Cross University, in NSW, Australia. During his time there, he worked with many post-doctoral  students who have become absolute leaders in their respective fields. As CEO and Founder, his role has changed dramatically from one of a hands-on Inventor, holding 5 patents on sports performance products, to what is now one of innovation, leading the fantastically talented team at Swift to bring world class sports performance monitoring technologies to the world

Maureen Young
Director of Operations

Maureen brings critical skills to the team. Her skills in business administration, accounting and HR management, address the important and certainly critical aspects of business management.

She also keeps watch over our customer relationships, as we deeply value not only our new customers, but also those who come back and purchase from Swift time and time again.

Ray Leadbetter
Director of Engineering

Ray has a degree in Microelectronic engineering and is highly skilled in software and hardware design. He is heavily involved in all software development at Swift and is constantly working to enhance existing products as well as develop new ones. Prior to employment with Swift, Ray was lead engineer at a leading wearable research laboratory.

Daniel Winkler

Daniel (That's him on the right)  graduated from Griffith Universities Bachelor of Sport and Biomedical Engineering and heads up our manufacturing and Quality Assurance team. You can be sure that every piece of Swift equipment has at some stage had Daniels eye pass over it to monitor quality and operational readiness. He also fulfills a customer support role, assisting customers when required in both training and trouble-shooting.

Nicholas Jackson
Lead Developer - Web Services

Nick brings a special set of skills to Swift, that being software project design and programming. He is a graduate of Griffith Universities Bachelor of Engineering, majoring is Software design (First class Honours) and currently with a Phd in progress. Nick’s knowledge allows us to enhance our product offerings through web-based SAAS products. He also develops sensor firmware.

Being meticulous is second-nature for Nick. We like that.