UNO Single Beam

Reach new ground with UNO


UNO is designed to bring increased versatility through its ability to be used ‘off-tripod’, as a ground based sensor for detecting foot and/or hand lifts for your start. If you are testing grass, add our optional Magnetic base plates for stability.


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Uno Systems contain a mix of hardware, depending on your order specification. Up to 8 gates can be supported in a single drill. If you want to use a gate on the ground for 3 point starts on grass, you may want to purchase the optional magnetic Stainless steel plates for stable use on the ground. If you need more gates, we supply another carry case.

  • UNO Gate
    • Single Sensor
      • Optical
      • Proprietary retroreflective photo-sensor
      • 640Nm Visible laser - Class 3R
      • Auto power adjustment
      • Range to reflector max 6m
    • LASER
      • Laser Sensor Class 3R 2.1mW pulsed
    • Visual Stimuli
      • RGB high Brightness LED array
      • 16 Colors
    • Audible Stimuli
      • 100db siren 2KHZ
  • UNO Single Beam Gate
    • Weight 1 kg
    • Dimension 400mm x 65mm
  • UNO Tripod
    • Weight 650g
    • Height - 92cm Fully extended - Collapsed 35cm
  • Carry Case
    • INTERIOR (LxWxD): 865*300*124mm(34“*11.8“*4.9“)
    • EXTERIOR (LxWxD): 880*340*135mm(34.6“*13.4“*5.3“)
    • Weight: 2.7kg(5.94lbs)
    • * Holds maximum 3 sensors and 4 tripods
  • Shipping
    • Dimensions
    • Weight - Depending on Contents. Maximum weight approx 10kgs

A quick intro to your UNO


Zero Detail 2

How does it


UNO triggers a start when your athlete’s hand or foot lifts, making it the ideal solution for three-point starts or standing starts.

Unlike a normal timing gate, that records a timing event when the athlete breaks the beams, UNO, in this ground starting mode records the start when your athlete clears the beam.

Sprint start

How do I use UNO for ground starts?

UNO sits directly on your start line, (optionally magnetically attached to our stainless steel plates). Opposite it, maybe a meter away you place a single reflector. This creates an invisible startline. If using on grass, the optional magnetic plates give a nice stable platform. Then, align the UNO with the reflector, just like you would on a tripod. Your athlete then assumes the start position whether it be in a three point position with one hand blocking the UNO beam or a standing start with a foot in the beam.

The moment you athlete lifts their hand or foot, timing starts.

UNO brings more accurate times to your testing.  


Get started

the SWIFT way.

How often have you been initiating tests and run into false starts?
Too often we assume.

UNO, when used in conjunction with the ‘Steady Start’ mode in the SYNCRO app, will not signal that it is ready for a start until your athlete has been considered ‘steady‘. What this means is the athlete is not moving in and out out of the UNO beam for a period of two seconds.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pre start – Strobe is flashing RED 
  • Athlete in position – Strobe flashes YELLOW (If your athlete moves out of position the system goes back to flashing RED,  but no start is recorded). After 2 seconds in position…
  • Strobe Flashes GREEN and sounds a siren indicating the system is ready for a start.