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“First Movement Start Detector”

MOVE is designed to work with Swift wireless laser timing systems to generate a start signal upon your athlete’s first movement.The start in all timing systems has always been where most variability is introduced. Now you have an option to get earlier start times and deliver more accurate results.
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How does it



MOVE is basically a single beam timing gate, specifically designed for recording accurate starts. On the rear, you will find an Ultrasonic sensor that works much like the reversing sensor in your car. 

Ultrasonic time of flight measurement, sends out a burst of sound energy, and waits for a an echo back. The time it takes is proportional to distance. With this , we can see if your athelete has started moving. 

Only Swift offers ‘first movement starts.

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How do I use


It’s pretty simple, like most things we build at Swift.

In First Movement detection mode, MOVE is placed behind the athlete on a tripod. When your system is ready to start, the strobe on MOVE will be flashing red. When you athlete is in front of MOVE, the strobe will begin flashing yellow, and remains that way as long as they are moving. Once the athlete becomes still, Move will signal this phase with a Flashing green strobe. At that point any slight movement from your athlete will initiate the start of timing. First Movement starts couldn’t be easier. 
MOVE can also be placed on ground to detect hand or foot lift just like a UNO device. 

MOVE has two primary functions.

  • As a FIRST MOVEMENT  start detector when used on a tripod behind the athlete
  • As a Ground-based starting sensor for measuring hand or foot-lift


MOVE works with all Swift timing systems so no matter what Swift System you are using, you can benefit from more accurate first movement starts.



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Our MOVE sensor is specifically designed for detecting first movement starts.

It can also serve as a ground starting device, when removed from its tripod and securely mounted to our magnetic Stainless Steel ground plates.

Move can also operate like a single beam NEO gate



  • Sensors
    • 1 x Optical
    • Proprietary retroreflective photo-sensors
    • 640Nm Visible laser – Class 3R
    • Auto power adjustment
    • Range to reflector max 6m
  • Ultrasonic
    • Single 40kHZ ultrasonic transceiver
  • Visual Stimuli
    • RGB high Brightness LED array
    • 16 Colors
  • Audible Stimuli
    • 100db siren 2KHZ
  • MOVE Single Beam First Movement Start Gate
    • Dimension 260 x 65mm
    • Weight 1 kg
    • Dimension 400mm x 65mm
    • Stainless Steel base plates 700g
  • MOVE Tripod 
    • Weight 650g
    • Height – 92cm Fully extended – Collapsed 35cm






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