What is MOVE

MOVE is our patented ‘first movement’ starting sensor. It aslo works just like or ZERO starting Sensor when placed on the ground.

MOVE uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect first movement of the athletes center of mass.
It should be placed on a tripod behind the athlete with the Ultrasonic sensor pointing towards the athletes back.

Keep in mind that your athlete stands on the starting line. The MOVE sensor sits behind them up to approx 3 ft (1m) away.

In operation, the MOVE will signal when the system is active and ready to start timing an athlete by lighting its’ LEDS RED. When the athlete steps in front of MOVE the LEDS on MOVE and the next gate will change to AMBER to indicate that MOVE can see them and is waiting for them to assume a stationary start position.

After this static phase has been held for a couple of seconds the LEDS on MOVE and the target gate will both go green, indicating to your athlete that timing will begin as soon as they start.

The MOVE sensor can also be configured to measure reaction time from green light on to first movement.

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