What are the ‘Options’ in the Test designer for?

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Tapping on ‘options’ reveals a set of three choices in the test designer

These being

  1. Normal- the default mode- Use this almost always
  2. Repeat Sprint. This is used for Repeat Sprint Ability tests.  you set the number of sprints you wish to do, and the time between successive starts. For example,
  • you might have a 30m sprint, with 8 repeats, off 25 seconds.
  • Your athlete starts as normal when you arm system. Green light goes on.
  • Athlete starts and sprint towards the 30m gate. A timer has started
  • When athlete reaches 30m point. Gates go RED. Athlete waits at the finish end, for the light to go green again (after the 25 seconds is up
  • This repeats with the athlete starting at alternate ends until the selected number of repeats are complete

3. Freestyle is  as described. All gates are active at all times. Any gate can collect   one or all splits.

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