The Swift Yardstick vertical jump device

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♦ Relative –
Adjust the Target head so the tip of the subject’s outstretched hand is level with
the Yardstick’s bottom finger. The subject’s vertical displacement (Vertical
displacement =maximum height – maximum reach) can then be read directly from
the uppermost dislodged target finger.
♦ Absolute –
Absolute mode allows you to measure actual maximum reach above the ground.
Set the Target head at a predefined height by aligning one of the small holes in
the adjusting tube (C) with the top of the black plastic collet (G). The information
decal on the main shaft (D) shows the offset that must be added to the distance
read on the uppermost-dislodged target finger.
Vertical jump above ground level = indicated offset + highest dislodged finger
♦ Plug the two legs (E) onto the bottom bracket on the main shaft assembly (D)
♦ Plug the target head (A) into to the top of the adjusting tube (C). Align the button in
the target head (A) to stop head rotation
♦ Unlock the Adjusting collet (G) anticlockwise
♦ Lift the adjusting tube (C) to the desired position
♦ Lock the Adjusting collet (G) clockwise
♦ Use the Extension bar (B) only when required


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