Starting or Start modes

There are three different modes available, accessible through User Home/Options
  • Normal Starting mode
    • When the system is armed, a green light appears on the first gate. The gate buzzer sounds  indicating that the system is armed and ready. When the athlete crosses this gate, timing will start.
  • Two stage starting mode
    • Is a variance of the old ‘Ready, Set, Go’. When the coach arms the system, BOTH green and red lights of the first gate will be lit. The coach watches the athlete, and when he believes the athlete is ready to start, taps ‘GO’ in the app. The Red light extinguishes, Green stays on, and the beeper sounds, indicating that the system is ready. When the athlete crosses this gate, timing will start.
  • Steady Start starting mode
    • In this mode, once the coach arms the system, the RED light will be lit on the first gate. When the Athlete blocks the beam/s, the GREEN light also comes on. The red light will stay lit UNTIL THE ATHLETE HAS BEEN IN POSITION FOR THREE SECONDS. Once this occurs, the RED light turns off, the GREEN stays on, and the beeper sounds. Timing will start when the athlete leaves the beam.
      NOTE: In the Test Designer, tap on the SpeedStart or starting Gate and turn on Reaction start. With reactions turned on, the time taken for the athlete to leave the beam from the buzzer sounding will also be recorded. Reaction starts also add a random amount of time to the regular 3 second Steady Start pause, preventing athletes from anticipating the start signal.
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