My gates work fine inside, but when I go outdoors they wont work

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When you have connection problems there are a few things to consider.
  • Antennas
    • ​Check your antennas are connected to gates 
    • Check that the antenna connection on your Speedlink or TT base is not spinning when you tighten the antenna. If it is, chances are the antenna cable is broken off inside. Lodge an RMA with us and send it back for repair if you discover this.
    • ​Make sure that your Speedlink is sitting in an elevated position. Do not put it on the ground.
  • ​Wifi Disturbances
    • ​You can successfully use your Speedlight System with just a Speedlink, an iPad , and the gates, but in some circumstances, wifi ‘clutter’ in busy environments may cause issues. In this scenario you will need to consider using a Wifi Access point. Talk to us about this. Any systems purchased after January 2016 will have one of these included in your kit. Talk to us if you experience wifi dropping out .
Diagnostic Tests.
One thing that proves useful is our Diagnostics test in the Speedlight App.
  • Setup your system as normal
  • Connect your Gates/Starts/Readers to the system
  • Go to
  • User home
  • Utilities (bottom right of page)
  • Hardware Testing
  • Quick Test
Once the quick test has completed, email the results to us.This diagnostic gives us the ability to learn about the health of your system and why it might be failing.
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