Importing athletes via CSV

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Swift Labs allows you to import athletes via a CSV input.

Navigating to the athletes page, you will be presented with a list of your athletes, or if you have yet to add any athletes; a page detailing the options in how to add athletes.

By clicking the import button on the athletes page, you will be prompted to upload the CSV file with your athlete data.

If you do not have a csv file, you click on the Download button to download the CSV template or download it here CSV Template Download

The CSV file has some strict formatting rules that must be followed. The table below contains the a description for each of the CSV keys and whether the column is required.


It should be noted that the Athlete’s height and weight is dependent on the value in the Units column. ‘metric’ will treat athlete weight and height in Kilograms and Centimetres respectively. Vice-versa ‘imperial’ will treat weight in pounds and height in feet and inches. Imperial athlete height must be input as ‘X ft X in’, eg, ‘6 ft 2 in’. All units within labs are displayed depending on your profile settings.

FirstNameYesAthlete first name
MiddleNameNoAthlete middle name
LastNameYesAthlete last name
NotesNoAthlete notes
Athlete email
DOBYesAthlete date of birth
WeightYesAthlete weight in kg or lbs with no unit.
HeightYesAthlete height in cm or ft, in (only imperial needs units with the following format “X ft X in”)
SexNoAthlete sex (Male | Female | Undecided | Withheld)
SquadNoAthlete squads to join (must be the exact spelling of the squad, can join multiple by using the “|” delimiter eg (Squad 1|Squad2)
UnitsYesUnits of the athlete (metric|imperial)

After selecting the file you wish to upload you will shown the rows within the CSV file if you will to remove any rows prior to submitting. Pressing the import button will upload the file and add the athletes.

An important note is to ensure that you have enough available seats within your organisation. Prior to importing the athletes, the application will check if you have enough available seats, if you are trying to upload more athletes than seats available, the application will refuse to upload the athletes.

If you do not have enough available seats, you can upgrade the number of seats by following this guide.

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