I lose wifi connection to the iPad sometimes

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Once connected to the iPad, the Speedlink will remain that way until you close the application.
There are a few reasons why a disconnection would occur.
  • You have an ipad folding style cover
    • When you close your cover, the iPad will go into a sleep mode. When this happens apps stop running. With the Speedlight System, the Speedlink is always communicating with the app, and if it gets no response for a period of time it can turn itself off.
    • With the cover closed, iPad will also shutdown wifi after a non-defined period. This will of course break communications with the Speedlink. Avoid closing the cover when using Speedlight.
  • You have switched to a different app
    • Apple iPad does not by design run applications concurrently, so switching to a different app, for example, an email client, for more than a minute or so, will also break communications with the Speedlink. Avoid switching apps when using Speedlight.
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