I get the message ‘The device NEW has a weak radio signal. There may be problems running test’ Why?

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This message warns the user that the receivedZigbee  radio signal between the gate named ‘NEW’ (it could have any name)  and the Speedlink is lower than expected.
There could be several causes
  • The gate is far away from the Speedlink (out of range)
  • The Speedlink may have its antenna obscured, or is sitting on the ground. Note that if other gates do not exhibit this error message then this is most likely not the case
  • The gate “New’ may have a faulty radio transmitter
  • The antenna could be damaged
  • The antenna socket on the gate may be damaged. Inspect the connector and make sure the little gold pin in the centre is not bent or broken
  • Something foreign is lodged in the antenna connector, preventing the antenna form being screwed on fully.
  • You are using a non standard antenna
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