I can’t Export data

We had a customer recently reach out with Export issues. See our response below
“I think your issues may be coming from one of the following points
  1. We noticed that none of these tests were done with a Squad selected for the actual test. Selecting a Squad would never export any data as ONLY those athletes in a SQUAD, where that squad is selected on the day of testing, will generate results under Squads page
  2. Adding Athletes to a Squad POST TESTING  will also not generate any Squad data
  3. Selecting all athletes in the athletes page will only generate data if you select a valid date range. Note: if no date range is selected the default is for all selected athletes whose tests were done in the last 24 hours”
Additionally, remember to export your results via email or any other web based app, you need to be connected to the Internet (not your SpeedLAN_X or SpeedLink wi-fi networks)
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