How does the Speedlink connect to the WIFI Access Point?

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The Speedlink is pre-configured to search for a special SSID.
  • In early Speedlinks, the name of this SSID was SpeedLAN_RED   (or another colour). Note that in the case of a customer wanting to use more than one Speedlink in the same location, with a WIFI Access Point, it was necessary for us to match the Speedlink to a WIFI Access Point, and supply these as a pair.
  • With the advent of our latest SpeedLink, we made some changes that allowed connection of >1 Speedlink through the same WIFI Access Point. In this configuration, the SSID for the WIFI Access Point is SpeedLAN_X
It is imperative to ensure the WIFI Access Point is powered up, and operational BEFORE you turn the Speedlink on.
All Speedlinks ‘look’ for an SSID at start up. If the SSID is not available, the Speedlink will revert to SoftAp mode, and ignore all Access point SSID’s
NOTE: When turning on your Speedlink, make sure your release the ‘ON” button as soon as the RED power LED lights up.
Holding the button down for more than 6 seconds will force the Speedlink to ignore any available WIFI Access Point SSID’s
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