How do I import an athlete list into the iPad?

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If you work with lots of athletes, you may find that manually entering athlete data into the iPad can be a bit tiresome.

With SpeedLight for iPad, one of the recent additions has been the ability to import a list of athletes from Microsoft Excel in CSV format.

You can download our CSV Squad Template here

Populate your spreadsheet. You may leave the UniqueID, Weight, DOB and Notes fields blank if required.

Save your new athlete list as in the ‘.CSV’ file format.

The iPad app will use the name of this CSV file as a SQUAD name, so, just save as, for example “Soccer.csv” if your squad is a soccer squad.

So. Now you have your file.

To transfer this list to your SpeedLight app, you can either use a MicroSD card and your SpeedLink, or via iTunes.

Please note that you have been supplied with a Micro SD card and a Micro to Standard SD card Adaptor. This adaptor has been provided in the case your PC only accepts a standard SD card.

You may require to use a small pointed object like a pen to get the microSD card to seat correctly in the Speedlink.

MicroSD Card

  1. Copy the CSV file to a microSD card and pop it in your SpeedLink.
  2. Connect your iPad to your SpeedLink either directly, or if you are using  an Access point*  via it, as you usually would when setting up the system for testing.*Use of an Access point provides a more stable WiFi connection in areas of high mobile phone use. If you do not have one please email us about purchasing one.
  3. Go to the “Athletes” tab in the SpeedLight app, and select the “Import/Export Athletes” button (2nd button from the left at the bottom of your athlete list).
  4. Select “Import athletes from SD Card”.

The app will now upload the Athletes from the MircoSD card into the app, and will create a squad of these athletes with the same Squad name as the file name.



  1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPad via the USB Lightning cable.
    Please note this tutorial was created with iTunes version 12.6. Future versions of iTunes may differ slightly.
  2. Click the button shown below to open the iPad settings.
  3. On the menu down the left hand side of the screen, select the File Sharing tab.
  4. Click on the SpeedLight app in the centre window.
  5. Select Add File… and import your saved CSV squad file. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your file into this window.
  6. Sync your iPad.
  7. Once your iPad is synced, open up the SpeedLight application on your iPad.
  8. Select the Athletes tab on your iPad from the left side menu.
  9. Select the Import/export athletes button (shown below).
  10. Select Import athletes from iTunes.

The app will now upload the Athletes to the app, and will create a squad of these athletes with the same Squad name as the file name.

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