How can i replace a tripod mounting plate on my Speedlight Gate

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From time to to time, a customer damage the mounting plate that secures the gate to tripod.
Unfortunately we can only source complete tripods from our supplier, so we do not sell the base plate alone.
So, if you need a new base plate you’ll need to buy a complete tripod.
Changing the mounting plate is easy.
You will need only Phillips head screwdriver to achieve this.
  1. Remove the old Plate from your Speedlight Gate
  2. Take the new Mounting plate off your new tripod
  3. Align the new mounting plate with bottom of your Speedlight gate (Remeber, the flat side goes towards the front panel on the gate.
  4. Place the supplied 1/4″ screw in the hole, and begin the thread by turning with fingers
  5. Using your Phillips head,secure and tighten the screw.
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