EZEJUMP offline backup

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Customers using the EZEJUMP app will be on one of the three SWIFT LABS subscription plans.

    • As a Basic plan subscriber you will have created a SWIFT LABS account when you first installed the EZEJUMP app. This sign-up allows us to push your athlete and results data to our servers for an emergency backup. There is a fee for recovery using this backup, but its really only for emergencies, as we also provide a way for you to backup all your local data to a file that can be emailed to any location for safe storage. We suggest you do this regularly.
    • Expert is a fully synced subscription, so assuming you have internet connection enabled on your device, all your athletes and test results are kept synchronized between all your devices and SWIFT LABS . Of course the manual backup described in BASIC is also available
  • PRO
    • Same as EXPERT
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