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With a Swift Labs subscription, a number of preset Endurance tests are available in the SYNCRO app, including:

  • Standard Beep Test (Eurofit)

For more information about each test protocol and how it works, please click HERE


Running the Preset

The endurance presets are loaded like all other presets used by the DNA timing systems. Clicking on the Run Test tab and the flask icon on the top right will bring up the activity presets for your account.

Don’t see the preset you are expecting in the list? Pulling down on the list of presets will refresh the list.

You should now see a group of presets under the Endurance / Sprints section, clicking on the desired endurance protocol will take you to the standard activity setup common across all presets.

For the endurance presets it will require two devices; both dual and single beam devices will work for all endurance presets as the gates are not used for timing rather as a visual representation of the endurance test.

After the gates have connected a grid of your athletes will appear with the current endurance tests level, total time and distance travelled. To assign your athlete a result, you can click on the athlete icon when they fail to make it to the line before the next stage.

After clicking on the athlete icon in the grid the athlete will be assigned the last successful endurance stage.

Like all activity data, the results will be synced to Labs for your convenience.

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