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Charging Sensors

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All Swift DNA sensors have wireless QI charging. Qi chargers use induction to transfer energy to your sensors during charging.

With Duo systems, we provide a protective charging sleeve with Qi charger in-built. Just slide the sleeve over the sensor, and connect the supplied DC adaptor to mains power. Plug the other end into the charging sleeve.

For NEO systems, these QI chargers are in-built in the carry case. Locate the Sensors in their storage positions, and ensure the mains cable is connected, and the mains power is turned on.

All sensors will display the charging status by way of colour on the led strobes:

  • Red Spin – less than 30% charge
  • Orange Spin – between 30% and 60% charge
  • Yellow Spin – between 60% and 90% charge
  • Green Spin – between 90% and 95% charge
  • Double Green Flash – between 95% and 100% charge
  • Single Green Flash – 100% charge

It can take up to 9 hours to fully charge the batteries from entirely flat. Not fast we know, but the sensors carry a big battery that gives you 8 hours of run time.

Be patient and prepared for your testing day….its worth the wait.

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