Changing channels in noisy RF environments

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Gates dropping out or being hard to connect to can usually be attributed to
  1. Radio interference in the location you were testing (Have you tested here before?) (we will discuss a fix for this later)
  2. Positioning of the Speedlink itself (especially important if there is radio noise about)
    1. should be in an elevated position (on top of the Swift Carry case is normally OK)
    2. Antenna should be pointing up  (as should antennas on gates)
Don’t confuse this issue with an error on your iPad that says “No IP address”. This  is a result of not having the correct IP address of the Speedlink entered in your User Home/Option dialog. If the IP address on the front of your Speedlink ends in 115, you need take no action. But if its anything else, for example 116 or higher you need to manually assign it.
Choosing a quiet channel manually is a little tedious, but if you follow this guide you should have no issues.
This is found in the same options dialog page the IP address option is mentioned in above. See below. The aim is to find a quiet channel for the Gates to operate on. There are 13 to choose from.
  1. Turn on Access point and Speedlink as normal.
  2. On setup and connection page, take note of the channel number beside the little Speedlink icon in top left hand corner.
  3. Don’t worry about selecting a test at this stage
  4. Turn one gate on only (have it 30m away).
  5. If it times and turns off out without connecting (20 secs) …………LEAVE IT TURNED OFF
  6. Go to User home/options and change to a diff channel.  You will find this by scrolling the page up. ( in theory 15, and 20 should be the quietest so you might try these first)
  7. Turn your gate on and see if it connects. If it does you have found a better channel. Congratulations… are done!
  8. If not, go to Step 6 and repeat as required

*NB: Channel can not be changed if you are connected to a gate. You will get an error warning if you try and change channels 
**NB: A good check to do if you have connectivity problems is via the  User Home>Utilities>Hardware Testing>Quick Test. This test should be done once you have gates connected. Any abnormal response times from gates will be evident in the resulting log-file, that can be emailed to Swift for trouble shooting

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