Can I run multiple tests simultaneously?

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Yes! Not only can you run multiple tests, but you can run DIFFERENT tests, in up to 4 ZONES
Download our app , and give this a trial in Simulation mode.
In the SpeedLight app, at the top of your Setup & connection page, simply tap “Add a zone”. This means you could have up to 4 tests running at once, one test for each squad, all controlled by the one iPad!
Running 3 different tests simultaneously
All 3 zones are run through the one iPad
Perhaps you want to have two independent SpeedLight sessions running? That is, 2 iPads controlling up to 4 zones each!
This means you could have one iPad and coach running a 40 yard dash, while another coach is running a 5-10-5 agility test nearby, but completely independent!
The number of iPads used in a test must equal the number of SpeedLinks. Therefore if you wanted to run 2 iPads, you would need 2 SpeedLinks, however only the one Access Point (D-Link) is required when testing in the same area.
A document describing how to set up multiple systems can be found here. Operating Multiple SpeedLight Systems
Take a look at the simple graphic below to get a better understanding of what you need.
2 iPads controlling 1 zone each independently through 1 SpeedLink each. Requires only 1 Access Point in total
Note: iPads and SpeedLinks must be within 30m line of sight of the Access Point at all times.
If you were to undertake multiple SpeedLight tests in various locations, you would require one SpeedLink for every iPad as described above, additionally you would need 1 Access Point for each location.
Ensure the systems are at least 100m apart to avoid any cross communication.
2 independent SpeedLight testing sessions at different locations
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