EZEJUMP – the new standard in vertical jump testing


EZEJUMP is the simplest, yet most advanced wireless jump mat available. Bluetooth connection to your own smart device makes vertical jump testing easy.

The optional Swift Labs online service brings it all together.

Monitor performance metrics like vertical jump, contact times, reactive strength index, fatigue as well as many others with EZEJUMP.

Use the EZEJUMP app for free, or subscribe to Swift Labs for an even better experience

Get Your EZEJUMP App Up And Running

With our basic subscription model, we deliver free vertical jump test results for your on-field performance.


  • Vertical jump
  • Squat jump
  • Counter-movement jump
  • Drop jump
  • Fast feet-cadence
  • Custom tests


  • Contact time
  • Flight time
  • RSI (Reactive strength index)
  • Average power
  • Peak power
  • Cadence max frequency
  • Cadence graphing
  • Fast feet statistics

Bosco Protocols

  • Bosco-Vittori stiffness test
  • Bosco elasticity
  • Upper limbs co-ordination index
  • Percentage fast twitch muscle fibre

Advanced features

  • Auto 10-5 fatigue test
  • Historical averages
  • Contact times
  • RSI
  • Power
  • Graphical cues
  • Voice and audio alerts

Take your analysis to the next level with the EZEJUMP subscriber experience

We understand that sometimes excellence needs rigorous performance tracking. The EZEJUMP Expert and Pro vertical jump test subscription models are designed to jump your statistics to the next level. Only US$5 per annum per athlete for EXPERT level, and US$10 per athlete per annum for PRO, gives you access to advanced features and data, including Auto 10-5 RSI Fatigue Test, Biofeedback Targets, Bounding Contact Tests, Leg Stiffness or Fast Feet metrics.



  • Two Year Warranty
  • Cloud Sync devices on your account
  • Contact time
  • Contact Only Tests
  • Flight time
  • Jump Height
  • Reactive Strength Index
  • Fast Feet/Cadence
  • Average Power
  • Build your own tests
  • Import Athletes via CSV
  • Export Results via CSV

* Right now we offer a free trial , unlimited seats for 2 months. Once expired, your account will revert to 15 free seats, synced to Swift Labs Cloud. We will be migrating to unlimited local storage soon. Please contact us if you find this restrictive.



per athlete/year
(free from 200 to 600* athletes)

  • All Basic features, plus 
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Auto 10-5 RSI Fatigue test
  • Full Cloud-Sync
  • Coach Shared data
  • Online data export
  • API Access for your AMS Online Athlete management tools.
  • RFID function



per athlete/year
(free from 200-600*athletes) 

  • All Basic & Pro features, plus 
  • Two Year Warranty
  • LEFT/RIGHT Individual Measurements
  • LEFT/RIGHT Delta Measurements
  • Two Step Reaction
  • Leg Stiffness
  • Fast Feet Metrics
  • Customizable Graph Axis

All prices in USD
* Call for large group pricing
***Functions on the way soon!

Used by the worlds best, Swift is the only option if you are serious about athlete testing and training

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