The Art of the Hurdle – Part 2

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Part 2 The Art of the mini-hurdle must have struck a chord with some of the coaches who have been out to watch my practices of out to my facility. They are claiming I left out the other half of why I use the mini hurdle drill. I am holding back. They are right. I use the mini-hurdles for other reasons as well.  I use them to develop lateral strength as well. What usually goes hand in hand with the push runner who has an extended leg out back and low knee drive is also the characteristic of having a cross over gait. Dr. Shawn Allen of The Gait Guys  and I began investigating this concept of cross over run years ago when we were woodshedding it back in the day. We watch film clip after film clip of runner, trying to determine what we could do to not only prevent injury but also get athletes to run faster. And we were stuck at watching people from the side. Then one of Dr.Allen’s clients had a youtube clip of her running. It was in a local advertisement. And all it took was a glimpse from the front where we came upon the crossover gait. She was having chronic hip and knee pain and we watched as she took 3 strides down the line on the side of a country road. All 3 of the strides crossed over the line and landed on the wrong side of her body. Sirens wailed, lights flashed and the world…

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