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The Swift Story

Beginning as a research project in a University in 1994, Mark Fisher designed the first Speedlight Dual Beam Timing System. Since that time Swift Performance has developed into a team of highly talented individuals each with a set of finely honed skills that allow us to bring the best in performance measurement technologies to all our clients, present, past and future.At Swift Performance, we think outside the box to make your job as a sports performance professional as easy as possible. We know there are plenty of options for a coach and that only those products that truly deliver something tangible will assist the coach to win. Our family of products and software services are optimised to provide a seamless transition from test design to data collection and analysis. Let us join you on your journey to excellence.

The Swift team

Mark Fisher

Founder - Managing Director

Mark founded Swift Performance with a partner in 1994 while working at Southern Cross University, in NSW, Australia. During his time there, he worked with many Phd students who have become absolute leaders in their respective fields. As Managing Director and Founder, his role has changed dramatically from one of a hands-on inventor to what is now one of innovation, leading the fantastically talented team at Swift to bring world class sports performance monitoring technologies to the world


VP Sales and Marketing - North America

Jon brings almost a decade of Sports Industry experience to the Swift Team. His responsibilities include Sales, Customer Success and Marketing for the North American market. His enthusiasm for a great customer experience is seen in the way he connects with people. He is most excited to be a part of the Swift team in offering a game-changing product through scientifically based research and cutting edge technology.

Maureen Young

Chief Operating Officer

Maureen brings critical skills to the team. As well as overseeing all fiscal responsibilities , Maureen also keeps watch over our customer relationships, as we deeply value not only our new customers, but also those who come back and purchase from Swift time and time again.


Production Manager

Daniel is a recent graduate from Griffith Universities Bachelor of Sport and Biomedical Engineering. You can be sure that every piece of Swift equipment has at some stage had Daniels eye pass over it to monitor quality and operational readiness. He also fulfills a customer support role, assisting customers when required in both training and trouble-shooting.


Embedded Microelectronics Engineer - App Development

Ray has a degree in Microelectronic engineering and is highly skilled in software and hardware design. He is heavily involved in all software development at Swift and is constantly working to enhance existing products as well as develop new ones. Prior to employment with Swift, Ray was lead engineer at a leading wearable research laboratory.


Lead Developer - Web Services

Nick brings a special set of skills to Swift, that being software project design and programming. Currently in the final stages of his Phd, Nick’s knowledge allows us to enhance our product offerings through web-based SAAS products.

Being meticulous is second-nature for Nick. We like that.


Microelectronics Engineer

Ernst’s background is in project implementation and commissioning of industrial computer systems. At Swift he is heavily involved with firmware design and integration for new products. 


Sports Scientist

Tannath has a long career in research and athletic high performance. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Queensland, and currently holds the position of NRL Athletic Performance coach with the Brisbane Broncos.

Tannath has also held a similar role with the Newcastle Knights Rugby League.

His PHD Thesis “High Intensity Interval Training in Team Sports: Testing Monitoring and Prescription” provides a valuable insight into the products we develop.

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