CCM Hockey is a leading ice hockey equipment manufacturer and the #1 choice used by many ice hockey players worldwide. The Canadian-based company endorses some of the best National Hockey League players including Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby, and Carey Pricey. The Performance Lab housed within CCM Hockey is a state-of-the-art research centre that specializes in product validation and innovation of products across skates, sticks, protective, helmet & face, and goalie categories.

Since beginning my journey in the Performance Lab 2 years ago, we have expanded our skating testing protocols beyond motion capture to include the Swift NEO timing system as a measure of performance for player and product. To date, we have conducted several in-lab and on-ice performance tests across multiple skate constructions to help us better understand how modifying a skate feature affects skating performance across different drills. Our skating protocol allows us to use advanced features of the NEO timing system, such as the time and depth in turn, reaction starts, and the MOVE sensor. The portability and ease-of-use of the NEO timing system allows us to set up and collect data in a timely manner. Our end goal is to integrate the NEO timing system with our testing protocols across all categories.

“The Swift NEO Timing System allows CCM Hockey’s Performance Lab to drive product innovation by implementing key performance metrics on various player and skate prototype constructions. The system is user-friendly, provides real-time metrics, and will continue to be a key research tool in our future.”

Aiden Hallihan

Biomechanist, CCM Hockey