Our latest vertical jump device is called EZEJUMP.  In typical Swift fashion we continue to develop and improve products based on customer feedback

EZEJUMP is Swift’s Latest vertical Jump measuring device.
This product supercedes the SpeedMat which is no longer in production. Unlike the SpeedMat, the EZEJUMP is a standalone device that does not require use of any other Speedlight hardware.
Ezejump is different to SpeedMat in several aspects.
  • Almost twice as much surface area 31″ x 31″ (795x795mm), compared to Speedmats 24″x24″ (600x600cm)
  • Ezejump has a robust Stainless Steel top surface
  • Charging is wireless Qi charging
  • The system is stand-alone, i.e. it does not require any Speedlink, Dlink etc.
  • The Ezejump comes with a free app (with in-app purchases coming soon for extended features)
See a couple of quick videos taken in the lab. Vid1  Vid2
DRAFT DATASHEET: REV 1.0.1                               Date : 20-mar-2014
Product: EZEJUMP Wireless Jumpmat (Patent applied for)
Use: Vertical jump measurement device
Only suitable for use with dedicated App (in Beta, but available on App-store. Search for Ezejump)
Data Delivered
  • Free App
    • SJ (Squat JUMP)
    • SJm (weight- Squat JUMP)
    • VJ –  non weighted vertical jump
    • VJm – weighted vertical jump
    • CMJ -non weighted Counter movement jump
    • CMJm – weighted Counter movement jump
    • DJ – Drop Jump (need to record Height)
    • DJm – Weighted Drop Jump (Need to record Height)
    • Average power
    • Max Taps in defined Period (Fast feet)
NOTE: The following is preliminary data only. Items may change
  • Subscription Version- To be released
    • Cloud Sync With Speedlight Live database
    • Independent Left/Right Measurements
      • First Leg on Time
      • First Leg off Time
      • Last Leg on Time
      • Last Leg off Time
      • Delta measurements
    • Peak Power Output
    • Power: Mass Ratiio W/Kg
    • Non Concentric impulse (Bosco)
    • Leg Stiffness (Bosco)
    • FT/CT Ratio
    • Fatigue Index
    • Tapping
    • Total Flight Time
    • Average Flight Time
    • Total Contact Time
    • Average Contact Time
    • Tapping Coefficient
    • Fast Feet L-R Tapping
    • Contact and Flight time L-R Independent
    • Biofeedback
      • Set targets for jump height
      • Feedback Visual colour block on app
      • 3 Colour. Above Below or on target.
      • Audio from app. Beep/Boop over under by x %
  • Jump Height/ Contact Time
  • Jump Height / RSI
  • Peak Power / RSI
  • Average Power / RSI
  • Peak Impulse Power vs Contact Time
  • Peak Impulse Power vs RSI
Video Capture
  • TBA
Timing Specifications
  • Contact time (1ms Resolution)
  • Flight time (1ms Resolution)
  • Jump height- Calculated displacement of center of mass (1cm res.)
Hardware Description:
  • Propriety design switching mechanism
  • Switch displacement on actuation 0.8mm
  • Dimensions 790mm x 790mm
  • Connection via BT4.0 – Worldwide approval
  • Construction- Manufactured timber , Stainless Steel, PVC
  • Qi Charging
    • Rechargeable LiPo battery
    • Comes with Qi charger and Power adaptor (International Plugs)
  • Battery Life
    • Sleep 400 days year
    • Continual Use 40 hrs in full operation
  • Dimensions 790mm x790mm x 15mm
    • Weight 14kg (31lbs)
  • Dimensions in Shipping box 950mm x 1050mm x 50mm
    • Shipping Weight 16.5kg (36lbs)
Available Accessories
  • Flight Case
  • Battery Replacement Kit