Swift SpeedMat

Portable power and vertical jump measurement made easy with wireless Swift SpeedMat. Measure many jump types ranging from single or multiple jumps to fast-feet with your iPad.

Download the free Swift SpeedLight app from the App Store to take a look how everything works in simulation (demo) mode.

All types of jump testing

With multiple Swift SpeedMats you can run up to 4 tests at the same time:

  • Vertical Jump
  • Counter Movement Jump
  • Drop jump
  • Multiple jump
  • Fast-Feet/cadence

Swift SpeedMats : Easy data management

Import your athletes and training squads and store results for future reference. Export results automatically via email to you, your customer, your coach… its easy

  • Contact time
  • Flight Time
  • Vertical Jump height
  • Average power per jump
  • Reactive Strength Index